Bar Packages

Bar Packages

Let MADeSocial’s team of experienced professionals design a package for you that will ensure your event is a sure-fire hit.

Ask MADeSocial to create a tailor-made package based around your specific needs from our extensive range of options. Our professional team offers a whole range of products and services, which include delivery of our bar in a box to your site, as well as staffing and stock costs.

Our attractively designed MADeSocial container bars will amaze and quickly become a talking point for your event. Designed to fit in a 6 x 2.5 metre shipping container, the bar is robust, functional, and easy to install, set up and remove from the site afterward.

By discussing and agreeing your package details in advance, you get to set the party mood and delight your guests, keep organisational worries to a minimum and keep a tight rein on budgets.

Profit Share Icon Profit share

Aimed primarily at festivals and similar events, MADeSocial will work with you, discuss your specific requirements, install our fully stocked and equipped container bar on-site, supply keen and experienced bar staff, arrange insurance and manage costs on a pre-agreed profit-share basis.

Cash Bar IconCash bar

Ideally suited for weddings, birthdays and even corporate events, where a bar is needed but the budget is limited. MADeSocial will discuss your requirements, agree a one-off fee with you, install, stock and staff the container bar, and take cash sales.

Bar Hire IconBar hire

You’re in control! With this option you hire the container bar. MADeSocial will install it, demonstrate how to use and service it, and leave it with you for an agreed duration and daily charge.

Fixed Price IconFixed price

Ask MADeSocial to tailor your party to your specified budget. After your agreed limit is reached, it becomes a cash-only bar.

What they're saying ...

Booked this for our local fete. Everything arrived on time, the guys were great with our guests and handled the whole thing. Couldn’t recommend more.
Daniel CullenCouncillorTollerton
What a great service this is – can’t think why there aren’t more of these available? Anyway, thanks to the guys for a great night out!
Kevin CooperNottingham